Psychological Kinesiology

PSYCH-K ™ is a cutting edge belief change technique which teaches people how to align their subconscious beliefs with their conscious goals for quick, safe, and long-lasting change. When one's subconscious beliefs are aligned with their conscious goals, clarity and success are easier to achieve because a person's belief about themselves establishes the range, especially the limits of their success. 

We harbour many beliefs about ourselves, beliefs that have probably been with us since the age of five, or earlier, and they lay dormant in our subconscious (the library of all our life experiences), only to re-emerge as stumbling blocks when we respond to life situations. These might include our attitudes towards money, the loss of a loved one, our relationships, even our own personal power and self-esteem.
A gentle and effective therapy for creating significant shifts in beliefs and consciousness. This energy balancing technique clears the way to move forward with grace and ease.