Everything that exists within the universe vibrates at a specific frequency. When you are able to identify the vibration rate of a particular object, you are able to establish the energies and the qualities that are associated with that object. It is also possible to establish the major frequencies of an individual by using the principles of numerology and the name and birth date of that individual. A numerological analysis involves using the calculated frequencies as they relate to that person in order to obtain important information regarding that individual's character and personality. This fascinating study of the numbers in your name and birth date can provide a wealth of information to help you understand your nature, strengths and life patterns. 


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Readings are not a substitute for medical, psychological, legal or financial professionals advice. Readings are not legally binding.

Psychic Intuitive Guidance

Psychic Intuitive Consultation


About my Psychic Intuitive Consultations…helping people for over 40 years


I had natural psychic abilities as a child at a very early age as far back as I can remember. I just knew things, without question or doubt. I could see energy and colors flowing around living things and could tell if they were healthy or not.


As I matured, so did my abilities. My focus in my career became all about holistic healing and my abilities naturally developed further along that vein. I could see energy flowing inside the body, areas of restriction or malfunctioning, and areas of degeneration. I received information holistically from a physical, mental and spiritual level.


As I had studied Herbology and Nutrition and was certified in these areas, information would flow into my mind when seeing clients for health issues. So I would see the areas that needed support and then I would receive information that was uniquely suited to each individual with herbs, nutrients and supportive methods.


Early on in my holistic career, I had developed a close relationship with a spirit healing guide who was very old world. He gave me names of remedies that were not common. But when I researched them in 17th century herbal books, I found the modern names and indeed, they were valuable healing aids. We had developed a good rapport and he continues to assist me now after 40+ years.


My consultations are not about predicting your future.  I offer more value by presenting your patterns of psychological and emotional behavior from a soul perspective and how you can overcome your own blocks. Predicting a simple future is just one possibility and is a very limited outlook on your life. The future is malleable and in your hands by the choices you make. I prefer to empower people by helping them to awaken to their challenging patterns and provide real solutions for soul growth.


So if you are coming to me for simple predictions, I am probably not the right person for you.

I prefer to delve deeper, connect at a soul level and reveal the cause of your issues and help empower you to move forward in the best possible way for your own personal well-being and spiritual development.


If you are seeking guidance for body, mind and spirit and want to empower yourself to live your life in the best possible way for growth and balance, then I am definitely the person who can help you do that.


It is believed that Tarot Cards originated sometime in the 14th to 15th centuries in northern Italy. Originally, the cards were used as a game, but eventually came to be used as a tool for divination. The mystical tarot has indeed come a long way from its humble origins. In the field of psychology, Carl Jung (1875-1961) even pioneered the use of tarot cards in analyzing the Subconscious. The cards can be used to gain insight, clarity, and achieve greater understanding and direction over issues involving relationships, life changes, family, career, health, spirituality, and dreams. The Tarot cards' rich symbolism reveals deep insights into your life. Cheryle's 40+ years of experience and skill with the cards while utilizing her intuition can help guide you through your life's transitions. In-person or phone consultations are available.  

Tarot Guidance

Cheryle Cote has over 40 years of experience as an Astrologer and has taught classes privately and through Foothills Continuing Education. Please be aware that all Astrological consultations require a minimum of 1 hour and may require additional preparation and calculation time before the appointment. A $100.00 deposit is required before commencing calculations and creating charts for all astrology appointments. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Birth Chart Consultation

Our birth chart is a wealth of information and insights. All of our potential is locked in this blueprint which can reveal the most detailed character and life patterns. This is a wonderful starting point for using Astrology as a tool for self-understanding. 1 hour - $220.00

Transit Consultation

This consultation provides an analysis of your natal chart and how it is unfolding with time.  As the planets continue to move, different growth patterns are triggered. Guidelines of how to use transits to their fullest potential are suggested. Make this 1 year forecast an annual event to help you plan for your year ahead. 1 hour - $250.00

Compatibility Consultation

Knowing how you and your partner relate to each other, astrologically, is very revealing. Points of stress are discussed, as well as possible solutions in these areas. How we connect to other people varies with each individual's chart. 1 hour - $270.00

Astrological Health Consultation

An assessment of your birth chart from a nutrition and health perspective as well as identification of your weak areas. This consultation will suggest dietary adjustments, possible supplementation and other health support factors that are uniquely yours. 1 hour - $250.00.