Medical Hypnosis

Cheryle is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has specialized training in Medical Hypnosis. 


Fertility and Childbirth

Research has shown that issues with fertility often diminish when the couple stops trying to conceive. Hypnosis removes the anxiety which allows the body to relax and function in a normal balanced state. Hypnotherapy for childbirth provides many benefits during and after pregnancy. Listed below are only a few examples:

 - helps ease morning sickness

 - helps ease aches and discomforts during pregnancy

 - helps in the natural birth process

 - reduces labour time

 - reduces fatigue during and after birth

 - reduces postnatal recovery time


Cancer Treatment Support

Cancer can be a debilitating disease and take its toll not only on the body but also on the mind and spirit. Side effects of surgery and chemotherapy can leave a person feeling depleted and depressed. Hypnotherapy can help with nausea control, pain control, self-esteem, confidence and optimism. Hypnotherapy can address fears and imbalances to assist you through your healing process.


Chronic Illness Support

Long term illness and chronic disease can take its toll on mental and emotional states. Hypnotherapy can help maintain a positive attitude about medical treatments and assist with pain control.


Pain Control

Everyone experiences pain differently based on their own experiences, beliefs and ideas of what they think and feel about pain. Chronic pain often contributes to sleep problems, depression and immobility. Hypnotherapy can help change your perception of pain.


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