Learn how to perform your best when playing golf.

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Learn how to stop smoking and be free of cravings. 

Learn healthy habits to encourage weight loss and remain slim. 

Learn how to release stress and remain calm. 

Learn how to replace negative self talk with confidence. 

Learn how to let go of anger and stay calm and peaceful. 

Promote a balanced state for thyroid health. 

Learn how to remain calm and relaxed while flying. 

Learn how to release fear and gain confidence with public speaking. 

Learn how to unwind and relax at bedtime so you can drift off to sleep easily. 

Learn how to relax and use your mind to control pain sensations in the body. 

Relax and program your body and mind for healing with light. 

Let go of limiting beliefs and embrace the success and happiness you deserve. 

Program your DNA to heal your body in your own special healing room. 

This session reinforces your desire to stay healthy and slim with exercise. 

Learn to eat healthy without dieting. 

Turn up your metabolism to burn the fat! 

Loosen the sorrow and sadness of losing a loved one. 

Stop craving junk food and crave only healthy nutritious foods.

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Remove limiting beliefs and reboot your brain with a prosperity mindset. 

This is designed to help you release your connection to a physical health issue.


Boost your mind to create success! 

Feel more joy in your day to day life.





This recording guides you to activate memories of feeling fit, looking youthful and feeling energetic. A healing laser-like light is shining upon you to regenerate your skin and program your DNA to a more youthful blueprint.